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Manpower Agencies Construction Indonesia - Manpower Company Construction Indonesia

Manpower Agencies Construction Indonesia

ELITE has established a large database of Construction personnel throughout Indonesia. In 2008 alone, ELITE has sent more than 6000 workers for construction projects in Algeria, North Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia and throughout Indonesia, including as far away as Irian Jaya. This includes, Engineers, Surveyors, Draftsmen, Japanese speaking secretaries, carpenters, steel fixers, laborers and foreman.

Recruiting Process
We source potential candidates through the following means;

1. Website Online applications
2. Print and Electronic Ads
3. Special Recruitment Activities and Job Fairs.
4. Networks all over Indonesia
5. Walk-in applicants/referrals
6. Work together with related Associations

Affiliated with Indonesian Professional Engineer Association

Health Examinations
Every applicant is subjected to rigorous medical examinations through accredited Clinics as stipulated by the Embassy in the country where they will be working, this is to ensure that they are physically and psychologically fit to qualify for overseas employment.

Skill Test
If the Client requests, specialized Skill Tests can be arranged as specified by the Client.

All required documents such as employment certificates, personal records, diplomas, identification cards, school transcript of records, passports and security clearances are checked for authenticity and validity. All documents are handled according to the existing Indonesian government laws for legality.

ELITE is also able to organize internationally recognized certification for some positions if required by clients

Pre-Departure Briefing Seminars
ELITE provides behavioral guidelines and basic foreign words translations in booklets to help the applicants adjust to their new working environment as well as with their employers. This will initially assist them to avoid miscommuncations and mistakes upon arrival. Instructions on how to check in at the airport, baggage handling, and immigration procedures are clearly outlined.

Manpower Agency Indonesia - Recruitment Agency Indonesia
Manpower Agency Indonesia - Recruitment Agency Indonesia