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Our Services & Facilities


1. Supply of Manpower

With our large network all over Indonesia, we are able to provide as many qualified workers as per the client's needs or contract and permanent base employment types.

This service includes :
  • Candidate's pre - screening.
  • Organizing screening / interviews between candidates and clients.
  • Organizing legal documents to dispatch Indonesian workers as per the Indonesian government rules and regulation (including communication with Indoesian Embassies in related countries).
  • Organizing candidates necessary documents for departure.
  • Pre departure training as required by the Indonesian government.
  • Ariport handling.
2. Trade Tests

If the Client requests, specialized trade tests can be arranged as specified by the Client

3. Training

We work with licensed training centers for any additional trainings (if required by Client)

4. Certification

We can organize for all workers to be legally certified with a 'Skill Certificate' from the Indonesian Government to certify that the worker meets specific standards.

This can be an important requirement as some countries working visa regulations stipulate that all workers must be certified for the position.

5. Pre-Departure Briefing Workshops

We provide behavioral guidelines and basic foreign words translations in booklets to help the applicants adjust to their new working environment as well as with their employers. This will initially assist them to avoid miscommunication and mistakes upon arrival. Instructions on how to check in at the airport, baggage handling, and immigration procedures are clearly outlined.

Other Services

To assist our Clients, if and when needed, we are able to provide a payroll service on site or in Indonesia (their hometown). We have experiences in handling this service for few Clients that have projects in Northern Africa.

We will always try to accommodate whatever the client's needs in order to have a proper and professional manpower supply abroad.


Our Head Office
  • We provide 3 interview rooms and a presentation room where we can accommodate up to 40 people comfortably. Interviews can be conducted at our office in Jakarta.
  • High speed internet connection.
  • Reliable staff who can help the clients to arrange and organize all necessary need while the Clients are in Indonesia.
Partners in other cities
  • Should the interviews (or /and trade test) take place outside Jakarta, we are able to provide interview rooms and facilities in other cities as we have partners and affiliate offices in some cities.



Covers all aspects of the hospitality industry (restaurant, hotels, spa centers, etc). We are able to source workers from rank and file staff up to senior level management personnel. We are able to provide kitchen steward, waiter / waitress, housekeeping staff up to Executive Chef or Human Resources Director. We work closely with many Hotel & Tourism Schools and Associations throughout Indonesia.


We are able to assist in sourcing workers from a general laborer, skilled workers up to sourcing qualified Engineers, Senior Project Managers. We can supply for management personnel for civil and mechanical projects as well as complete teams of workers and supervisors When and if needed, we can also arrange a camp-boss and be responsible for all aspects of onsite staffing, payroll and catering if required We have already sourced more than 3.500 workers for construction projects in both Algeria and the Middle East.


We are able to provide General Nurses as well as Special Skills Nurses / Technician :

  • Emergency Room Staff.
  • Hemodialysis Staff.
  • Operating Theater Staff.
  • Surgical - Medical Ward.
  • ICU / ICCU Staff.
  • Labor & Delivery.
  • NICU Staff.
  • OPD.
  • Midwives & Assistant Midwives.

To ensure our nurses meet International standards, we work with few language training centers review center. Right now we are partnered with a review center in the Philippines who conduct an eight week online training program for Saudi Arabia & Qatar Pro metric test, HAAD or DHA. The review center has extensive experience training and preparing nurses for the prometric exam. The nurses will only allowed to fly until they have achieved a pass mark from the review center. During this time we can also complete the dataflow process in Indonesia before the candidates fly and start working.


We have been able to supply large numbers of Factory and Forestry Workers on a regular basis, for Malaysia, New Zealand and the Middle East. We work together with a professional organization in Indonesia that specialises in training and certification for workers in the forestry and plantation industry.


We have already established a very good network for sourcing workers from Indonesia for these industries, many of whom would have experience working with International companies. We can also source Administration personnel from Secretaries to Accountants to assist with the overall project.


We are also able to supply many other job skills such as I.T. specialists, Human Resources, Secretaries, Office and Airline personnel etc.

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